Our creators this time are Theresa Noon and Vincent Perri: York U Fine Arts trained actors, film-makers, and sweethearts.

Looking for live entertainment or a role? Check out Theresa's company There's A Production

Their latest murder mystery dinner shows satirizing Downton Abbey (Poor Old Edith) and Johnny Carson (The Day The Music Died) run April and May-July 2016. 

...and I survived is filmed by Vincent and features Theresa's story of surviving abuse along side interviews with other women.

Comedy audiences know that Matthew is an abuse survivor, too because he turns those experiences into material for his sets.

If you are a survivor and/or healing professional please answer the call for interview participants - complete anonymity can be guaranteed.

A documentary of female survival, of hope, of finding and using our voices. Abuse was part of us but it doesn’t define us. The once victims becoming victors. We have survived and we will conquer.
...and I survived
Matthew MacCallum