27 APR 2016: LUVERN MORNIN of Back of the Room Photography

Luvern Mornin - known as Back of the Room Photography to Hamilton-Niagara comics and comedy fans - shares with me her creative process, her love of live comedy, and gives us hell about the way we source photos online.

We're sounding great with the new mics and a new spot in my home - those 17ft ceilings have been a bitch!

Thanks for to those of you who came out to the Comedy Brawl in Toronto - I advanced to the next round! Ian Atlas put on a great show and to host Ariel Kagan for using his Joburg accent to dazzle my girl all night.

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The Stand Up v. Teach podcast is gaining traction and that’s exciting and intimidating. Everyone can relate to being a student, hating or loving teachers, and Mx is convincing me that teachers and comics have more in common than I thought. 

Part 1 of our discussion on bullying is up. In it I share how I think being bullied made me a better comic. Did bullying ever help you with your creative process? Troll me on twitter @mattmaccallum


Luvern's photos - and maybe your face - on Facebook

Glen Foster

Raw vs. JPG image format

The Station in Brantford

Scott Faulconbridge

Michael Moses

Joe Botelho

Club NVWally

The Starving Artist

The Rising Stars | Brantford Comedy Festival

Wally Stemberger | stock photos

Patrick Coppolino

Blair E. Streeter

Not this

Models Inc. which is not Living Dolls | Who's The Boss: Samantha & Charlie

Susie Q

Get your prints done with Luvern (Awesome Prints)

Mayce Galoni

Yuk Yuk's Hamilton

Back of the Room photos from the night of this recording


Matthew MacCallum